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Between Ukraine and Poland. Ukrainian Migrants in Poland during the War

The survey study “Ukrainian Migrants in Poland during the War” is the first stage of the Research Program “Between Ukraine and Poland” conducted at the University of Warsaw, which aims to build knowledge about the situation of Ukrainian migrants in Poland and its changes during the troubled times of the war in Ukraine. As part of this Program, a series of surveys and qualitative studies addressing issues related to the daily lives of migrants in Poland were planned.

The first survey, to be implemented in July-September 2022, will address the following topics:

  • circumstances of migration;
  • the professional and family situation of migrants;
  • the extent of assistance received and provided by migrants;
  • their most important current needs;
  • as well as how they feel in Poland and among Poles.

More information on the project is available on its website at ukraina2022.idub.uw.edu.pl.